Can you play the piano and organ?

Grace Lutheran was saddened to learn that Mr. Talarico would be leaving the position of Music Leader/Organist, May 22, 2009.

Grace is looking for a new music leader. If you might be interested, please contact Pastor Laaker at the church office, 341-7730.

May we praise the Lord!

Christmas Eve

stained-glass-nativityThe celebration of Christmas includes two worship opportunities. One at 4:30 pm on Christmas Eve and another at 11:00 pm. The service includes Carols, Communion and Candlelighting.

Come join in celebrating Christ’s birth!

Rejoice Lutheran Adult Choir Visits Grace

Sunday, December 14, Grace welcomed the Adult Choir from Rejoice Lutheran Church. The Choir shared their Advent Cantata during worship. The music was beautiful. The message was inspirational. Grace’s worship experience was truly enhanced by this wonderful gift.

Halloween Party Fun

Children of all ages joined in fun at the church for its annual Halloween Party. Thanks to Janet Hula, Greg Hula and a host of volunteers a terrific evening was had by all.

Check out our pictures on our Flickr album. Happy Halloween!

Troubled Financial Times

The last couple weeks have created a great deal of fear and confusion for all people. As people of faith, we are encouraged to not allow fear to have sway over us.

In these trouble times, the Conference of Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have issued a pastoral letter. You can read it here. Bishops Pastoral Letter on the Financial Crisis

In addition, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has released a document on the Background on the Mortgage-Financial Crisis. You can read it here. Background on the Mortgage-Financial Crisis

We are encouraged by an understanding of God that says, “Fear not!” Therefore, we will trust that God’s care for us as humans will prevail.