Ministry Review and New Leaders

The Congregation met for its annual ministry review on Sunday, January 31. A fellowship meal was shared.

The Congregation celebrated the blessings of God that provided for the full support of ministry efforts throughout 2009. Thanks were expressed for the work of the Financial Secretary, the Treasurer and the ministry staff.

Pastor Laaker said in his report, “We must discern God’s dream for this community as a community. Once we have done this, then we must get down to the ‘real’ work of welcoming.” He repeated a question that was raised in the study book of the council, “Radical Welcome.” The question was “What new thing is God calling me to be and to do?”

You are invited to participate in the conversation.

Three new leaders were elected to the Congregational Council: Greg Hula, Carolyn Matson and Samantha Trejo.

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