December News

We have entered into the season of Advent, give time daily to strengthen your relationship with Christ. There are a number of events happening during December, read the newsletter to find opportunities for fellowship, community and helping one another. Blessings!

The December 2023 Newsletter can be found here:December 2023 Newsletter

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November News

November is where we begin to make plans for the holidays that are quickly approaching! Take a moment, take a breath, consider all you have been blessed with, be grateful. Read the newsletter to find out how you can help those in need. May we all be blessed with God’s mercy, care and love during the upcoming holidays.

The current newsletter can be found here: November 2023 Newsletter

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October News

October traditions include Pastor Appreciation Sunday and Reformation Sunday. As the weather changes and the color of the leaves as they get ready to fall from the trees, take a moment for a walk; short or long and enjoy the outdoors!

The current newsletter issue can be found here: October 2023 Newsletter

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August News

As the month of August begins family begin preparing for the new school year! Please keep in your prayers Teachers, School Staff, Students, Parents and Caregivers. May God surround all with love, mercy and the Spirit of a positive school year.

You will find Grace’s August newsletter here: August 2023 Newsletter

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June News

The June Messenger can be found here: June 2023 Messenger

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“Lord, the world is full of sound bites, and so much competes for my attention. Help me tune out all the distractions and tune in to your graciousness. Center my heart in your overflowing love. Amen.” ~ shared by The Word in Season devotional.

May 2023 News

In May we will gather for worship services at Grace. Pentecost Sunday is May 28th, all are welcome to witness the confirmation of three young people as we extend Congratulations to each one. Pentecost is also a day to wear the color red in remembrance of the Holy Spirit entering the lives of the disciples and what that might mean for all of us.

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April 2023 News

As we celebrate this Easter season, I hope we are filled with great joy, great hope, and great happiness! Christ is risen! April worship services will be held at St. Luke’s, 2315 I Street. Additional information can be found in the April 2023 Messenger.

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March News

Read the Messenger to see the Lenten Schedule, new and ongoing opportunities to help one another and of course the joke page! In honor of the 250th anniversary of the writing of “Amazing Grace,” this worship series for Lent by theologian Michael Hoy ties the words of the beloved song to our lives today as Christ’s disciples.

The Grace Messenger for March 2023 is located here: March 2023 Messenger

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