February News

The first Sunday in February will begin earlier than usual for one week only, worship services will begin at 9:00 a.m.

Sharing from the Devotion “The Word In Season” on January 18th: Every believer struggles at one time or another with the question “Who is Jesus?” It’s called doubt. No one escapes it. We don’t need to be afraid of doubt, we just need to be prepared with the tools to address it. There is an old story about a young man who was struggling and decided to go visit a wise old rabbi. The two men sat in front of a fireplace, and the young one asked, “Teacher, I seem to have lost my faith, and I don’t know what to do. It’s been months since I felt like going to worship.” The wise old man smiled and said, “Reach down and remove a glowing coal from the fire.” The young man did, and together they watched the coal die down to an ember. They sat in silence. Then the rabbi said, “Now put the coal back into the fire.” He did, and of course it quickly burst back into flames. Nothing else needed to be said. The young man left knowing what he needed to do.

We either feed our faith or feed our doubts by our daily choices. The Christian walk is not possible alone. We hold the Christ light for each other.

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