September News

The Word in Season Devotional for August 25th:
One reason I love the psalms is that they are very human words and prayers to God, which have, in the course of time, been adopted as the word of God. In my mind, it confirms that God wants us to keep communicating in prayer even when we express negative feelings. God wants us to get them out. The book of Psalms is the ideal place to start when you want to pray but words fail you.
Too often we mistakenly think that we need to face and solve our troubles on our own. Psalm 119 is a celebration of God’s law. Clearly the psalmist saw great value in God’s word as a source of wisdom and comfort in time of need. It is a reminder that when we feel alone, we may always turn to the Bible as a place to find a connection to God.

Lord, stay near to those who feel alone, and make your presence known. Amen.

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