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"Inspired by Christ, it is our mission to share God's Word and love in care and service to all."

Current Newsletter

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Issue No. 08-5 May 1, 2008 (Pdf file: 1.04m)

Past Newsletters

Issue No. 08-4 April 1, 2008 (Pdf file: 3.1m)

Issue No. 08-3 March 1, 2008 (Pdf file: 2.55m)

Issue No. 08-2 February 1, 2008 (Pdf file: 2.87m)

Issue No. 08-1 January 1, 2008 (Pdf file: 3.57m)

Issue No. 07-12 December 1, 2007 (Pdf file: 4.37m)

Issue No. 07-11 November 1, 2007 (Pdf file: 1.12m)

Issue No. 07-10 October 1, 2007 (Pdf file: 1.51m)

Issue No. 07-9 September 1, 2007 (Pdf file: 2.07m)

Issue No. 07-8 August 1, 2007 (Pdf file: 12m)

Issue No. 07-7 July 1, 2007 (Pdf file: .732m)

Issue No. 07-6 June 1, 2007 (Pdf file: 1.2m)

The newsletter is published once each month. Earlier issues of the newsletter, beginning with March 1998, are archived and you may request a specific issue to be sent by email. Please email your request to Grace Lutheran.

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